Return of A Legend: Photo Journalist & Community Leader Akintola Hanif.


We often see hero’s on television or in comic books but to keep it a buck, Akintola Hanif is a living legend and a hero especially to the eyes of today’s generation of creators. Founder and Creator of Hycide magazine, Akintola has become a public figure in the city of Newark capturing images of our people raw and uncut in their environment.

Going on two years ago Akintola caught a stroke and was hospitalized for several months which lead him to eventually not be able to photograph as much as he would like to. To be honest, it left us all in shock that anything could ever happen to such a figure in our lives. Slowly, Akintola started to get back on his feet with the help of so many who love him as he also couldn’t speak as loud and clear anymore as he is known for his outspoken and thundering voice.


With his return, Akintola put together an exhibit in the new co working space called Launchpad which is located downtown Newark in collaboration with the Newark Arts Festival. The exhibit showcased various images of atmospheric hood-ology, capturing the emotion of the subjects he chose. “ I wasn’t able to speak for awhile and be like my normal self but it had made me listen more. “ said Akintola as he adjusted his glasses after fixing his posture to look at the crowed. With a spark in his eyes, Akintola graced the place and took photos with the entire room and made sure he thanked and hugged on everyone for coming out to a new and more humbling chapter of our insightful legend, Akintola Hanif.


The atmosphere was packed and the Newark night was in full affect with the food and music to give you so much energy that the photo exhibit no longer felt like an event. The exhibit turned into a family reunion and everyone was dancing, hugging and connecting with one another. Akintola’s events bring people together and also showcases the essence of our people in various art forms. As the night was moved on we got a spacial performance from the legendary Smif-N-Wessun!


Below is more images of the event, these Images were captured by SiR.MOORE.

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