ARTISTLK: With Kenneth Callier for HolySunsLove Album Listening Party.

ArtistTlk is a pop up live interviewing segment that is raw & uncut with the artists of different mediums. We got a chance to docyoument this event for artist Kenneth Callier as he debuts his third album titled " HOLY SUNS LOVE " in Brooklyn, New York at the infamous IMAGE gallery. 


Kenneth Callier's career is a clear metamorphosis! He is the prime example of what true artistry is.  Kenneth isn't just a " rapper " in fact he isn't a rapper at all, Kenneth is a pure artist who is a composer that  can orchestrate music through his ability to play classical piano and translate that through hip hop. That's called artistry! Not to mention his drawing ability which shines right through his gifted tool box. From a outstanding introduction album fresh out of college escaping his destiny as a graduate in Cell Molecular and Biotechnology from Delaware State University titled " Carvings In The Wood " which dropped on April 16th, 2015. It felt like with this album it was about showing he could do the music and be expressive with it. Releasing his first videos ever for " Loe Aire" and " Worth. "

As the airwaves on the internet started to gravitate towards his energy a following of support was starting grow!  In 2015 Kenneth's inspirations Kanye & Jay Z both were off the scene and a resurgence of the new era was being heard ( Drake, Cole, ASAP Rocky, Joey Badass and More..) and Kenneth was apart of it. Being interviewed by Angela Simmons who at the time was practically a generational staple, that drew in more support to Kenneth's path of artistry. 


Two years had passed by and During this time we have seen a lot of artist come and go due to the climate of the culture with fast paced pushed out music but not this time. Kenneth had finally announced that he would bless us with another project.  The second album jinx did not live with Hempstead, New York Native in 2017 the obligated more polished and semi personal project titled " 2 " was released on March 21st, 2017. This album had way more features on it than the previous album.

" 2 " showed us that Kenneth was not here just to put out music but to be here to stand his ground in the music that he provides with a supporting cast. The project gave the fans and supporters clarity not to mention every listening party that's been had with Kenneth has been warming and welcoming. But something was missing in his path of creativity as a current artist in today's music industry. He made it a point to push himself as if a label was pushing him to always showcase his gifts as an artist outside of music.


Being consistent with showing us his drawings and piano covers instead of the generic rapping over instrumental beats video there was a dark aura clouding Kenneth's persona. A hiatus came to be through his online accounts but he continued to work while releasing music videos for Glass touch, Blue Corduroys and the edgy but sophisticated song, DANGER featuring Danny Dei.

To the masses, we were always use to Kenneth being level headed and complete about who he is and wanting better for his friends and family. Kenneth is a workaholic and that may have backfired on his relationship that caused him to be depressed after his break up with college sweet heart. During this journey with Kenneth, I got a chance to meet Chandon who is a long time friend of Kenneth, label mate and CFO of their record label " Wide Awake Dreamin Records ". Chandon who mixed and mastered as well as placed a lot of musicianship through vocals and production on all of Kenneth's albums. Chandon also felt the distance and dark space from Kenneth after his break up and encouraged him to start being consistent with putting out music. This is where the premeditated creation of the new album started began.


I visited Kenneth to do an interview for album 2 and we did the interview with in two hours outside shooting and collecting audio answers in the basement of his home. After finding out his separation from someone we were mutual friends with he presented to me with a smile and said " Yo, I've been working on some new shit and I want you to be one of the first people to hear it. Let me know what you think."


He reaches for his laptop and places it in front of him on the pool table, you could see a lot of words scrolling passed his eyes as he looks through his computer. He then taps the button on his mac book and some very beautiful sounds came out of the speakers as i heard the song " Holy " in it's rarest form. When I tell you i felt a breath of fresh air come to my brain hearing his voice over beautiful melodic but deep based production was something i'll never forget. He continued to play me two more songs which was " Suns " & " Love." He said " I've been working on new music and think I'm going to drop an EP for my birthday."  With so much excitement in his voice and that koolaid smile, depression and heart break was the  center of our conversation but he would use this opportunity to channel his feelings though his work for others and himself. Months had passed and all I could get from him through texts messages is snippets of more music, what started as an EP idea transcended into an entire album.


An entire year goes by and here we have the night of the album listening party "Holy Suns Love."  Kenneth has exuded style to represent each album with different clothing merch that he has sown & designed together himself. The evolution of Kenneth Callier is proof that taking your art & dreams seriously it will show through your work if you stay consistent with it in any capacity.

Below is a brief interview with Kenneth after he plays the album at its best sound frequency for the people as we discuss the album out loud in front of the people with some touchy questions on his choice to record an album right after already putting out album " 2 " a year before creating " Holy Suns Love ". 

Click the audio below and scroll through the photographs from the event as you listen to the weeks ArtistTlk segment with Kenneth Callier 



Also check out the first video for his song " HOLY " off of his new album " Holy Suns Love "