The social beer club launch

Coming from New Jersey we lack many outlets in certaint areas of our lives. From having spaces we can express in and be ourselves to them being snatched away from the cities we live in to lack of support or funding to keep a space open to continue being progressively expressive has been a constant battle for all of us. The parties that we attended growing up is a far behind memory and In today’s society we no longer long for those feelings so we are eager to create new ones.

As times are changing and passing us by we are now creating spaces and time with our resources and friends to match the ideas we have for spaces we control with our own ideas. 

Co Founder of S.U.I.T.S Life Style, Mitch put together an outstanding event called “ The Social Beer Club “ at a co working space named launch pad located downtown Newark. Where the beers are being tasted and the convos are sparking the atmosphere was filled with great tunes coming from Mitches online playlist. 

For starters, the space is very comforting and fitting for the nights shindig. In collaboration with Suits life style the Genuis Collective Gabe ya a tour of the space before we dove unto the festivities ahead. To channel the night, we were introduced to a movie trailer by titled “ Zahra & The Oil Man ” . The night was accompanied by The Platnum Standard who was vending premium cigars to balance our great tasting beers from Climax Brewing and more. 


Below are the images from the event captured by SiR.MOORE. Take a look and enjoy. Til next time, peace!