Phony People Concert W/ CJ Fly.

It has been 10 years of magical sounds delivered to us from such a phenomenal band of brothers.

When it comes to the sound that they provide they take their time to give us what is right and not what is popular. From their first album Phonyland, to Yesterday’s Tomorrow and now with a relentless new groove theory on their latest album “ mō'zā-ik. “ Pronounced Mozaik that came out this past October under the label 300 Entertainment. Coming from Jersey and knowing that a fellow Paterson native is on their roster of label mates by the name of Fetty Wap made me excited to see what direction the Phony PPL would go in after being signed.

Managing to still give us quality over the past ten years Lead singer LB3 said “ We have been around for ten years but we are just beginning! “ at last night’s final performance at Mercury Lounge NYC to end the tour with opener CJ Fly who is apart of the New York super group, Pro Era. Phony people single handedly packed out the lounge and had everyone in their feels with each song from every album!

Its safe to say that Phony PPL aren’t going anywhere no time soon! I am a proud fan of their energy and musical context. Below is some images from their final show of 2018 ending their tour back at home in New York City.