[ Photomatic. ] Event Series 03: Featuring Jean Messeroux, Sophie Marrie, Akintola Hanif & Laylah Amatullah Barrayn.

This months photomatic event episode was dedicated to bridging the gap between veteran photography artists, new age photography artists and it is black history month! We focus on not only the path that these artist's have all taken but also knowing how far we have come as a culture from back in the day to present day.

Featuring Photography artists Jean Messeroux, Sophie Marrie, Akintola Hanif & Laylah Amatullah Barrayn. Spoken word by Lionel M. Macauley. Sounds provided by Billzegpyt and Audio engineered by Bensky J Donatien of Free Dimension Broadcasting  This event took place and was recorded at Launchpad in collaboration with The Genius Collective as well as photographic images from a surprise guest Nema Etebar. Take a listen, check out the images while your at it and thank you for stopping by. Until next time, Stay black, beautiful and balanced. 

Images taken by Co Photographer/Contributing Artist @dolo_photo


Vendors: Food by @tiffssoulfood Beverages by pop up thrift shop by @plantananda. shirts by @kingmebrand body essentials by @naturalbeelife & @moeandcompany 
Love painting by 


Film images by @niko_vieilleame


Event Portraits: Tap photo to view images in full and scroll to the left to view them one by one. To save image to your device hold photo down and

Taken by Founder/Contributing Artist of Docyouments @sirm00re & Co Photographer /Contributing Artist of Docyouments @dolo_photo

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