[ PHOTOMATIC. ] EP3: Featuring Jean Messeroux, Sophie Marrie, Akintola Hanif & Laylah Amatullah Barrayn.

This photomatic event episode was dedicated to bridging the gap between veteran photography artist and new age photography artists. Even though it is black history month we focus on not only the path that these artist's have all taken but also knowing how far we have come as a culture from back in the day, to now. Featuring Sophie Mariee, Jean Messeroux, Akintola Hanif, Laylah Barrayn as well as photographic images from a surprise guest Nema Etebar. We spoke about the experiences of traveling photography, where they went, how far they have went with their camera & who they are behind the lens as the veteran photography artist give some insight and advice to the current generation.  This podcast was held at Launch Pad located in Newark, New Jersey in collaboration with The Genius Collective.  This podcast was also audio engineered by Bensky J Donatien of Free Dimension Broadcasting and Sounds brought to you by Billzegypt.  Take a listen and thank you for stopping by. Until next time, Stay black, beautiful and balanced.